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Southbridge - Then and Now

"The Rez" - 1957 and 2010

Summer ~ 1957 - Don Whitney photo

Swimming Lessons at the Rez - Dick Whitney photo ~1960

A similar view below (Dick Whitney Photos 24-May-2010)

The view on the right shows the pathway I often took  to and from SHS from my home on Litchfield Ave.


Skating at the Rez - 1954 Don Whitney slides and Dec 2000

1938 -  Due to floods of 1938,  a 9’ dam was constructed at this site.  National Dam # MA02376;  State ID# 3-14-278-11

1942 – Town’s Swimming Pool Committee plans and purchases land to use as a Town Pool

 Sometime between 1942 and 1946 – Town Pool is open

1948/1949 – steps from bath house to water are constructed

 Early 1980’s =- Town pool closed due to low attendance and budget cuts.

 1988 – Cost Estimate prepared to make necessary repairs at Town pool if the Town were to reopen.

 1999 – Plans  developed to fill in pool and use area as a recreation/sports field

Maureen Ciesla
Chief of Engineering Services
Southbridge Department of Public Works
(Provided via Ken Kalinowski - June 22, 2010)

The Rez from the air (Bing image)

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