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Southbridge, Massachusetts
"The Eye of the Commonwealth"
and birthplace of American Optical.

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Southbridge Map as it appeared in 1892
See sections of it below

A copy of this map is at the Jacob Edwards Library near the stairway. Check it out!

The Flat Iron and St. Mary's. The Street Labeled Paine Street is actually Pine St. and assumed to be a mistake.

Main and South before the Felix Statue. The Vienna is now at that intersection

A view of Main St. Southbridge in 1892. Note the pedestrian traffic.
The old YMCA is on the upper left, with the Baptist Church below it.

AO Main Plant as it appeared in 1892 - Buildings labeled 15. The building on the left I understand was a lumber company.
The RR underpass near the "rotary" is at the upper left.
To learn more about the AO Main Plant and its history, click here

The building at the bottom of this view (with the Lake behind it) was the factory building of AO prior to moving to final location in the image preceeding this one. In the above image, the Arts Center now is home to the building shown in the middle of this. To the right is Oak Ridge Cemetary.

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