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Filming of the opening scenes of the Movie Hawaii at OSV
April 19-21, 1965

Julie Andrews - April, 1965
Joe Capillo Collection photo

Note fake forsethia in left foregound.
This was affixed to the trees, as they expected Spring in April and instead got snow

Don Whitney color photos





Don Whitney Home movie
of Julie Andrews and Max Von Sydow at OSV in 1965

Email recollectiton from Ellen Zepp:

  My Aunt was a hostess at OSV during the time when Julie Andrews and Max Von Sydow were there filming Hawaii. She arranged for us to go visit for a day during April school vacation ( I was 16) while the shooting was in progress. It's a wonder we didn't run into each other. To make the Springtime in New England effect complete, fake flowers had been placed in the gardens of the Towne house and apple blossomed had been fastened onto the trees. During the night the temperature had dropped and there had been a sprinkling of snow so the "movie folk" were using the heat from the spotlights to melt the snow off of the paths before they could begin shooting. Watching them shoot the platonic but picturesque proposal in the gazebo and seeing Julie Andrews [So tiny I could hardly believe it.] were the day's highlights.  Years later when Talia and Pat were small, we were invited to be costumed for the day and picnic on the green with Auntie on the 4th of July. I managed to dragoon Mike into recreating the Julie and Max scene in the gazebo and much to our childrens embarassment it wasn't platonic at all.

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