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Major Fires of Southbridge 

August 28, 2016 (two fires on same day, this is 6 alarm at 318-320 Main)

 Watch Southbridge Cable TV Productiion of my Dec 8, 2015 J
acob  Edwards Library 1 hour talk on the Fires of  Southbrige.



Southbridge Main Street "Edwards Block", showing remnant of fire at right (~1880's)
See the Above in 'Then and now"

Learn about the history of the white wooden buidling at the left (Columbian Building)



Download 1912 Southbridge Fire Dept booklet
10mb pdf - booklet courtesy of Craig Langevin

Fire of November 1863

The following list was from Souvenir of Southbridge 1898
On page 65  Fires (Transcribed by Margaret Morrissey - Library Director at Jacob Edwards Library

> In April ’59 the Edwards house barn was burned and 43 horses were burned to death.
Clemence’s old box shop on West street burned in November 1857.

> Paige’s mill destroyed by fire May 23, 1870

> Hamilton Woolen Co.’s boarding house barn burned Dec. 31, 1860.  There was 28 horses burned to death
> St. Mary’s parochial residence burned Jan. 14, 1872

>Dresser Opera House burned Dec. 27, 1874

> Hamilton Woolen Co’s gas house blew up Aug. 22 1868.  This was, perhaps, the most fatal casualty the town ever had, five lives were lost and two others seriously injured.  Those who were killed:- Martin White, John Devoy, Patrick Brogan, Michael Larochelle, John Brown.  Those injured:- Lucian Clemence, Hamilton Holmes.Columbian mill burned Aug. 9, 1884

> Skating Rink destroyed by fire July 7, 1886

> Hamilton Woolen Co;s shoddy mill burned March 12, 1890

January 13, 1927 Blanchard Block Strand Theatre Fire (Corner of Elm and Main)
Photo courtesy of Jacob Edwards Library Digital Treasures

See the Above in 'Then and now"

Fire of 1935 at Weld and Becks

Photos of Dec 14, 1949 Fire next to the Stand. Few photos exist of the Strand Entrance, shown here in the 29-Dec-1949 AO News

Maci Fire of 1971

SHS Student Helen Kiritsy died on December 9th, 1973 in House fire on Westwood Parkway

The Globe Fire of  April 16, 1987Rev Sept, 2009
You tube video of April 16, 1987 Fire - Submitted by Dave Stevens
  "Heartbreak Hotel" Fire on Marcy Street in the Mid 1990's -
Photos courtesy of the Southbridge Fire Department

St. Mary's School Fire of Dec 19, 1999

From the AO News of 1952, the St. Mary's School which was destroyed by fire in 1999.

Wood Recycling Fire of July 26, 2002

Beck Grain Fire of Jan 6, 2003

Dramatic March 12th, 2008 image of suspected arson fire on Cliff St
Photo by Ian Dietrich -  between 3 and 4 a.m. on Wednesday, March 12

January 17, 2009 photo by Dick Whitney

North St  fire Damage- February 19, 2009 photo by Dick Whitney

Arson Fires in 4 houses on April 12, 2014 and suspicious fire next door on Cohasse St.  May 2, 2014

44-46 Cohassee Arson fire in April (L) and 36 Cohasse (May 2)

December 13, 2015 Fire in unit 1 of Rosemeade apartments (same building hit by 2011 Tornado!)

August 28, 2016 - Six alarm at 318-320 Main and another at 6 Benefit Street

Pat Taylor photos taken in Oct 2009
in Johnson City, TN in the Firehouse Restaurant

Floods of Southbridge

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YMCA -1975

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