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Southbridge, Massachusetts

Views of Main Street Southbridge
through the Years
Main Street - 1920 (Date approximate)

Photos above and below were taken 2 weeks before the Stock Market crash of 1929 on
October 14, 1929; photos courtesy the Optical Heritage Museum

Sept 21, 1938 Hurricane Damage


1953 - Don Whitney Photo

Above photo - 1971 (Don Whitney photo)

1975 View of Main Street (above) - Photo by Don Whitney

~1979 Postcard image (Note All American City Banner)

1999 View of Southbridge.

April 2006


2007 Image of Downtown Southbridge from http://local.live.com/

Come see the posters images of Main St. on display in Downtown Southbridge!!!

Snow on Main St - early 1900's (Jim Phillips photo)


Post card image from Paul Coiteux's Collection.


Other Streets

The Hartwell building where AO first started (1833 - William Beecher).

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