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West Street School

1954, 1960, 1986 and 2008 Whitney Photos

West Street School in 1954
(Sue in Blue coat, Dick at right) - Don Whitney photo

West Street June 3, 2008 (Dick Whitney photos)

The following photo below was taken by me in 1960, at the side entrance to West Street that no longer exists.
The addition is now where the playground was on the uphill side.

1960 photo of classmates (Grade 4?)

1957 list of Miss Proulx's First Grade Class

My Son Chris (Blue pants) in line in 1986 for First Grade at West Street (before they changed the grade system)

Miss Proulx (Center) directing the lines; she was my first Grade School teacher
and was about to become Chris's first grade teacher as well!

  Read about Dick Whitney memories of West Street School along with those of Litchfield Ave- Where I grew up

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Ken Silvestri 1983 photo of Pleasant St School, which he attended in late 1950s

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