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Southbridge, Massachusetts
"The Eye of the Commonwealth"
and birthplace of American Optical.
Dick Whitney's Top Ten* List
of why I am optimistic about Southbridge and Its Future

List of Positives / assets about Southbridge

       Celebrating our 200th Year as a town, many 2016 activities planned and town-wide cleanup underway

        QCC College and 2017 Expansion!!!

       Industrial Park with new access road

       The Southbridge Airport and with top national awards

       The  Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center  and Southbridge Business Center complex.

       The Jacob Edwards Library, recently celebrating its 100 years

       The Optical Heritage Museum (sponsored by Zeiss)

       Harrington Hospital (nationally award winning ), with new Cancer Center

       New Jr. /  Sr. High School facility

       AO Eyewear Sunglass Manufacturing, (recently moved its manufacturing back from China to Southbridge !!! )

       "19th Century architecture" along main street  is largely preserved and a unique asset to our community

       Cohasse Country club (formed in 1916)

       Abundant clean Water reservoirs

       Westville Dam recreational park

        Southbridge Business Association (reformed 2016)  with support from Town administration

       Town Services we sometimes take for granted: Full time Fire Dept & Police, Ambulance, clean water, widely available town Sewerage, trash pickup


       Banks, Post Office, Restaurants, shopping plazas, Churches,  diverse population

       Planned reuse of Mary E Wells Jr High building as housing

       WRTA Bus service / private taxi service


The list of positive of town (1920); many still are relevant.

What Southbridge had to offer in 1895! Its top 10 list from back then!

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