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Fond memories of Southbridge - Doreen  Boulanger

Just checking in again to your WONDERFUL site....all towns should be so lucky to have one such as this.

I am just writing to say how much I miss Southbridge after moving away for the last time, I believe....although I will be visiting, I know.

Being from the '70's era at SHS, I am more the gal who remembers hanging out on Main Street on Thursday nites when the stores were all still open- hopefully they will again-when stores come back, as I know, someday they are bound to. Many of you loved that time, those antics and all that jazz as much as I did.

My memories of those years- and the whole cast of characters- the parties, the Bat Dances, Surfer, the Rat Dances, the Zotos Concerts, and the general upheaval of everything in the '60's opened my eyes and those days still live in my soul today as I write this 40 years later.

Sad as I was to see the pictures of the tornado and hear of the hurricane barreling up the East Coast-many of us watched as you endured a horrible winter, then tornadoes, and a threat of the hurricane AND EVEN AN earthquake this year as close as one would never expect!

I know so many of us living in distant lands still check in to your space, DICK, to relive the memories, dreams and reflect on all our own private eras there. Thank you again for keeping them alive.

I still have to say- many of my greatest days -of all the places I've travelled to, were right there ,growing up in Southbridge-

Much good will to you all,

DoreenB doblange@yahoo.com

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