Helen Harvey Proulx

Southbridge, Its people and
Harvey- Wells Co

Former location of Harvey Wells Electronics
Off North Street, Southbridge MA
(Originally the Central Mills Building)

Helen (Cliff and Betty Harvey's daughter) wrote from Ireland in Feb 2001:

Dear Dick,

I remember Dottie Dubriel very well!  When you talk  to her again, remember me to her.  I liked her very much.  I also emember Gert Peloquin who was also a secretary at H-W.  She married Chick Berthiaume who also worked at H-W  Gert was great too!  She and Chick lived near us when we lived on Laurel Hill Road. I think I spent a fair amount of time at Harvey-Wells.

As I child I used to have after school activities in town.  I went to Eastford Road School and would walk after school to the building across the street from Harvey-Wells where I had dancing lessons.  Was it the Italian-American Hall?  Afterwards, I'd go across the street and wait at Harvey-Wells until it was 5 o'clock and Dad would drive us home.  Those were the days when families had only one car.  We had an old Plymouth coupe. Thanks for sending me the updates!  Keep them coming! Best regards,


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