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Recalling the Mystery of the 1966 Time Capsule location from the
Sesquicentennial Celebration in Southbridge

Oct 12, 2015 - Dick Whitney

The 200th Anniversary of the Town of Southbridge is in 2016, and a committee of dedicated volunteers have been meeting for ~2years in preparation. One topic which has turned out to be a mystery for those planning this celebration pertains to the location of the time capsule. It was presumably "buried" in 1966 and expected to be opened in 2016. There is only one problem, no one knows where that location is!!!

In an effort to have solve this mystery, Maureen Doyle and I went to the Jacob Edwards Library to search through old microfiche Southbridge evening news from that time period. From archives in the Optical Heritage Museum Southbridge History collection, we determined that there was reference to this burial in brochures showing the events of May 1966 as shown below. After spending time on this search without success, I gave up but Maureen persisted.  After leaving, the article below was found and at first glance appeared to have solved this mystery.

A photo and article in May 31, 1966, showed a full ceremony of the time capsule burial at the WWII memorial. The only problem is this ceremony was not an actual burial, and at present we do not know if and where it was actually buried. The caption says "ideally, it will be exhumed just prior to the Bicentennial in 2016".

If anyone has a recollection of where/ when this burial occurred, please email dickwhitney@charter.net. It would be nice to find this 50 year old treasure!

Southbridge Evening News - May 31, 1966

Reference to Time Capsule in May 1966 brochure

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