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Southbridge New Zealand Visits Southbridge Mass - Oct 14, 2015 &
Recalling the connection with our "Sister City"

Oct 15, 2015 - Dick Whitney

A delegation from Southbridge New Zealand visited Southbridge yesterday, thanks to Maureen Doyle and Gus Steeves who made the arrangements. Shown below are some photos from their visit.
It is fitting that we reconnected prior to celebrating our 200th next year. In 1966, a letter from Southbridge New Zealand was published in the Sesquicentennial BookMore info on this 1966 celebration can be found here.

Southbridge "Mass" Town Manager Ron San Angelo greets Kelvin Coe Southbridge NZ Mayor . Ron presented Southbridge coins from 1966 and AO eyeglass 1983 key chains
courtesy of the Optical Heritage Museum

Mayor Kelvin Coe from Southbridge, New Zealand and his 200th Anniversary T Shirt


Margaret Morrissey (Southbridge JEL Library Director) extends greetings to Southbridge NZ Library via our visitors!

At the spot where Southbridge was formed in 1916 at the location of the Baptist Church

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