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Jason Park / First Minister /Elm St Church

Thank you for responding to my inquiry concerning Jason Park. I am pleased to know there may be some interest in these things. I have attatched copies of a couple of marriage certificates from 1816 and 1821. Jason Park was a descendant of Willaim Bradford in Plymouth Colony. My family (Mother and Father and Aunts...all deceased) were more familiar with him after he left Southbridge and moved west to find a locale more suitable for his son who was in poor health. This son died as Jason Park was on an excursion to Michigan. He did move to Michigan anyway and started up the Sandstone Church...near Spring Arbor, Michigan...just outside of Jackson , Michigan. This church is still active. When my mother died a few years ago I was cursing whoever saved all this stuff as I didn't know what to do with it. I started digging out of curiosity on the internet into Southbridge, MA and churches in the area. When I found the website for Elm St Cong Church I about fell over when I found Jason Park as the 1st pastor and there was a bit of information about him. I doubt if my Aunt Mary (who was the main person interested in maintaining this history) had any clue about what he did before he came to Michigan.


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