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—looked at your page of the WWII honorees.  Just wanted you to know that my dad remembered one of the honorees, Fred W. Ashmankus—he was the radio man on the C-47 Skytrain that my dad flew with him.  My dad (William S. Fisch, Master Sergeant) was the crew chief and flew many missions, including on D-Day, Ardennes, and others.  One day very late in the war after D-Day, the crew took off on a mission, from Hamburg I believe.  My dad did not go on that one mission with Fred and the others.  Fred and the rest of the crew flew that Skytrain into a mountain in bad weather.  My dad remembers his sacrifice—Fred’s was the only name he can remember.  Thanks a LOT for honoring Fred.  If you know any of his relatives, please pass along our fond remembrances of this fine man.

Fred Fisch

Son of William Fisch, who is still living and residing in Vacaville, California

(sent via email on Oct 26th, 2009)

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