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Roger Lavallee - French Canadian Directions to the Hospital

I used to tell all of these canuck Southbridge stories to my French- Canadian aunts and uncles at family gatherings.  I used to say to them "okay, I'm french-canadian and you're in Sandersdale. Ask me how to get to the hospital."

"Excuse me sir, can you tell me how to get to the hospital?" "Why yes I can tell you how. See da Hey-Ho, go past it. See da rotaREE, go around it, but only half. See Main Street, go up it. You see da hill down dere. Go up it. When you get to  Notre Dame (you miss the physical comedy of me doing the sign of the cross) see da lights, go troo 'em.

Then you'll see FeLIX (referring to the armless bust of Felix Gatineau at the fork of South and Main Streets). Take his right hand. See Sout' Street, go up it, den when you see da 'ospitull Spa, but before it, take a right.

Or else you can just call da nine-ONE ONE an take an h'ambuLANCE"

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