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Peg with Penny in 1977

A date with a dog biscuit – Peg Whitney

When I was 17 my brother Bill and I were asked a friend from Southbridge High (who I will call Tom) to go to a Celtics game held in the old Boston Garden. While waiting for the gate to be open, Bill and I were trying to entertain Tom since we arrived early and had time to kill.  I just happened to be wearing my neon orange jacket when I found a dog biscuit in my pocket that I fed our Beagle Penny with. I thought I would joke with Tom and ask if he would like a cracker. He chuckled and stated “That is a dog biscuit!!!”. We somehow convinced him otherwise after I took a small bite of the biscuit. I found it rather salty and hard. As a result of this, and his crush on me, he agreed to try this “cracker”, yet still was not quite sure. He again laughed and said it still looks like a dog biscuit. I then mentioned that crackers come in all different shapes, and this particular one was a relatively new kind. He was a little gullible as well, and asked other questions. The answers I gave him must have been more believable for he proceeded to take a bite! Because he still seemed somewhat hesitant he told me that I had to show and mention this story to his parents in Southbridge.

Upon returning home, his parents fully prepared a dinner for us after dropping Bill off at my house. This time, I knew I was in trouble (like normal), yet had to carry out my story. Tom mentioned to his Mom and Dad that Peg said she had a new cracker she wanted me to try. Without a blink upon seeing the “cracker” his father said “That is a dog biscuit!” as he walked by into the living holding his newspaper. While still in the kitchen with his Mom, she was totally intrigued by this and took a bite herself. She then pursued to ask me where they could be purchased. Without hesitating, I stated that they could be found at any local grocery store such as Big Bunny. Upon listening to my reply, she acted a bit amazed as she had not seen them before.

After eating the many coursed of our dinner, Tom asked me to go with him to get some Ice Cream at Friendlies to bring home in addition to our desert. On the drive there, which was just a few miles down the street, I finally admitted that this “cracker” was a dog biscuit. He nearly came to a screeching halt, and his eyes bulged wide open. He commented “WHAT !?” You are going to have to tell my mother. I agreed in doing so, and confessed when we returned with the Ice Cream. It actually took a little persuading to convince her otherwise, that this cracker was truly a dog biscuit. Even though Tom was slightly embarrassed, he still was fun to tease and I found his Mom the same way.

When I got home and mentioned how I made out with such an escapade, my mother was upset and stunned. She said “it is a good thing that his mother did not break a  tooth, for should could have lost some or all of her front teeth!” She then added “You did not even think that? Oh my…”  I recall stating – “You know, I like to liven things up.”

For those that know me well enough, I have a history of getting into “messes” and always have. What can I say, I guess I will never change.

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