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Lavoies Softball Team - Michael Utakis

Hi Dick.
I have been a fan of your site for years and appreciate your hard work to keep memories, and the history of Southbridge alive.  The photo was indeed taken in the mid seventies of the Lavoie's Package Store slow pitch softball team.  Many of the same people played on the D&D Welding fast pitch team at the same time.  I'll name the players by their first name, or by their nickname.  Bottom row:  Teddy, Sammy, Duck, Buddy, and Charlie  Top row:  Corey, MU, Soot, Nate, Steve, Noyer, and Eddie.  We were a close knit group and spent alot of quality time playing ball,  hanging out in the parking lot beyond the left field fence, or knocking down the a few at the Elm

This photo was an earlier year with a couple of different faces...bottom 3rd fom left Marty, and top 3rd from right Jimmy

Michael Utakis

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