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Helen Holley 1949 Letter /
Recollection about the Town Seal and other stories

New May 2011- See Ellen Zepps photo and recollection of Helen Holley (bottom of page)

Provided by Ed Hood - Old Sturbridge Village files

Claire Birtz Town seal  which hangs in the
Southbridge Town Hall Council Chambers
(photo by Dick Whitney)

Download complete 1949 document/recollection
2.6mb pdf

More about the Town Seal / Claire Birtz artwork

New May 2011- Ellen Zepps photo and recollection of Helen Holley

From Ellen Zepp (April 2011)

Hi Dick ,

The photo (above) came to light amidst my sisters photos. You might wish to pop this / or part of it onto your web site.The lady on the left is Helen Holley - she's cited as providing some of the information on the Southbridge town history & seal. She was the staff manager / personnel director during the early days at OSV.For reference - next is Elizabeth Parker / Van Norman / Hauenstein and her husband Oskar ( Okie) Hauenstein. The lady on the right is Marie Maddocks , my so-special Auntie who worked at OSV from the early 50s until the 1980s.

Love & Aloha, Ellen ( & MIke) 

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