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Southbridge's YMCA Football team and the fateful Thanksgiving accident of 1894

Photo appears coutesy of Laura Pegler

Text from Joe Capillo's book "Street Corners of  Southbridge: The Way We Were"

"Spectown's Football Tragedy"

The Southbridge Journal in its Dec. 5, 1894 issue, told the tragic story of the Thanksgiving morning crash.  A horse drawn bus carrying
Southbridge football players collided with a passenger train at the Central Street crossing.

Three Southbridge lads were killed and one was blinded for life.  Eleven others were badly hurt.Because of the accident, football was abolished in town and it wasn't
until 1919, 25 years later, that a team was fielded again."

Postnote from Margaret Morrissey at JEL: Jacob Edwards was the Captain of the team; this is the Jacob Edwards for whom our town library is named
Special thanks to Laura Pegler and Margaret Morrissey for providing this information

More photos submitted by Laura Pegler

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