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Recollections of Southbridge - The Strand Theatre

1950s view of the outside of the Strand Theatre, now the lot next to the Fire Station on Elm Street
(AO News photo courtesy of the Optical Heritage Museum)

the Strand Theatre in the 1940s -
Optical Heritage Museum photo

1954 - Don Whitney rare Photo showing the Strand Theatre Marque (Green with red letters)

Read about the Strand Theatre Opening - January, 1926

More About the Strand Building

Strand Poster - Courtesy of Karen Trainor

Southbridge New Article on the Closing of the Strand in 1965

Recollections of the Strand (and Southbridge)

Movies from 1965 (or other years) -
See what movies you might have seen at the Strand

Special thanks to several people who have helped better my knowledge of the Strand Theatre.
Cindy Capillo (Joe Capillo's daughter) provided me with copies of the article reproduced here.
Thanks as well to the Southbridge News for permitting their reprint.
Also thanks to Frank Flannagen who managed the Strand.
He provided an tape of his recollections of that time.

Finally, if this jogs your memory, I would love to have you email your recollections of the Strand.
I also am looking for any photos (inside or outside) that I could borrow and scan. Thanks!

2009 Painting of Strand and other Southbridge views past and present by Tom Lapriore

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