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Walker Pond History

Read about George B. Wells' recollections of Walker Pond - Courtesy of Jacob Edwards Library, Feb 18, 2005 (pdf File)

The photos below were given to Marie by Joy Lyford, who is presently living in Ruth Well's (Wells family who founded AO) summer home on Walker pond. The three boys in the photo are the Wells boys (L to R: Joel Cheney, Channing, Albert ). The oldest (Channing) was born in 1870, so it is estimated these photos were in the late 1880's.

~1930 Image from Optical Heritage Museum collection, revealing where the OSV Logo originated

J. Cheney Wells retirement from American Optical Company
Image Courtesy of the Optical Heritage Museum


Joy Lyford photos provided by Marie Dubrey

A project undertaken by
Marie Dubrey, a resident of Walker pond

Marie Dubrey contacted me, as she has undertaken a project to document the history of Walker Pond.
She has collected much information, and determined Wells state Park to have been first opened on July 19, 1968
Any old photos or historical information on the park is being sought by Marie.
Her phone number is 508-347-5790. Feel free to email me also.

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