Taken from 25th Anniversary - The Crimson and Gray

Vol. 26 - No. 3 Dated April, 1943


Submitted out of Courtesy of:

Barbara J. Bourdelais

April, 1943 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the regular publication of a Mary E. Wells High School magazine. Started April, 1918 as the Megaphone, the magazine has become established as the Crimson and Gray.

Since the academic year 1917-1918, during which the Megaphone was first published, marked, also, the opening of the Mary E. Wells High School.


December 31, 1916 - Superintendent Fred E. Corbin's report contained the following announcement: "The new building (Mary E. Wells High School) will be occupied for the first time next September. The building is designed to accommodate 300 pupils. The high school will probably number 150 pupils, at least, and, if the ninth grade, about 60 pupils, is taken in, the building will be fairly full at the start."

September, 1917 - Mary E. Wells High School opened.

1918-1919 - "The Industrial Department having been granted state aid has been completely reorganized and will move to separate quarters in the Town Hall beginning with next term."

1919-1920 - "These schools (Vocational and Continuation Schools) have already filled up their present quarters at the Town Hall."

June 6, 1922 - "Dedication and opening of the auditorium, gift of Mrs. Mary E. Wells.

September, 1924 - "The addition to the high school building of sixteen rooms was completed in June for the fall term.

"Grades above the fifth are housed here, together with the Vocational and Continuation Schools."

1924 - Lunch Room with opportunity to buy soup and cocoa was opened. School Library of 300 volumes was opened. "Every boy and girl in the school was assigned to a faculty adviser who endeavored to guide each child as wisely as possible in the choice of his work."

1924 - Equipment includes 22 typewriters, a mimeograph, and 11 bookkeeping desks.

September, 1925 - "School opened September 8 with a total of 310 students enrolled. Since 1920-21, our school has increased just 100%.

June, 1926 - The graduating class of forty-nine pupils was the largest in the history of the school.

September, 1928 - Vocational Course was moved away from the building.

"Standard ring was adopted.

"Due to increased floor space we have been able to utilize one room solely as a library."

September, 1929 - Enrollment is 368 pupils.

1929-1930 - "The classes of 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933 have pledged $120 towards the Harrington Hospital building fund."

1932 - Total enrollment of 572.

September, 1933 - Revision is made of program of studies. Freshmen for first time are "housed" on one floor.

Change was made from seven 38-minute periods to six 52-minute periods a day.

June 20, 1934 - 80 pupils were graduated.

"Every member of the faculty is acting in the capacity of a class or a club adviser."

June 20, 1935 - 107 pupils were graduated.

"We are also taking advantage of the N.Y.A. Program.

"The teachers of the Mary E. Wells High School are doing a remarkable job of providing for individual differences by the three level assignment plan."

Fall, 1936 - New schools being opened (West Street and Eastford Road) permitted the transfer of the seventh grade to Marcy Street and the operating of the high school as a five-grade unit.

Radio Station W.T.A.G. allowed pupils to give four plays.

Miss Corbin's boys' cooking class started with "those grand boys," Bud Hobson, Jerry Dubreuil, Bill McTighe, and Eddie Beers.

June 24, 1937 - 109 pupils are graduated.

1937-1938 - Enrollment is 749.

1939 - Visual Aids Department is becoming prominent. Guidance emphasized.

June 20,1940 - 122 pupils were graduated.

"Completely equipped photographic department consisting of a dark room and a studio" is started.

June 19, 1941 - 132 pupils were graduated.

September, 1942 - Preflight training in Aeronautics. Increased emphasis in mathematics and science.



F. E. Corbin 1886-1931

Arthur Pierce 1931-1934

Fuller Austin 1934-1937

*Channing Greene 1937


Paul Macklin 1917-1918

Ray Clement 1918-1921

John Gibbons 1921-1928

Allan Furber 1928-1929

Channing Greene 1929-1937

James M. Robertson 1937


Secretary to Superintendent, Rita Richard (Parent), 1922, Leona Lafortune (Lavoie), 1926.

Secretary to Principal and to Superintendent, *Elsie Hofstra, 1933.

Secretary to Principal, *Hedwiga Swiacki, 1941.

* Teachers still in the service.

** Teachers still in the armed service.

*** Teachers on leave of absence.


1912-1924 Eloise Crocker Math

1913-1918 Myrta Nute English

1914-1918 Ralph Hill Industrial

1917 Kenneth Slocum Industrial

1917-1919 Margaret Lincoln French & German

1917-1921 Teresa de Sloovere Com.

1917-1918 Agnes O'Brien Science

1915-1919 Louise Locke (Williams) Dom. Sc.

1887-1936 Mary Meagher IX Grade & Civics & English

1896-1921 Anna Eager Drawing

1915-1919 Veronica Hartwell Music

1918-1920 Eugene Hofsted Industrial

1918-1920 Irene Peabody Science

1918-1921 Catherine O'Keefe English

1918-1919 Warren Burlingame Industrial

1918-1920 Dorothy Smith Com.

1919-1920 Helen Sheehan (Doon) French & German

1919-1920 Grace Mack Dom. Sc.

1919-1920 Edmund Goodreau Science

1919-1923 Bessie Earls (Shaughnessy) Music

1920-1921 Rachel Smith Com.

1920-1921 Grace Marshall Com.

* 1920 Pauline Aucoin Com.

1920-1921 John Gibbons Science

1921 Stella R. Hazelton, RN School Nurse

1921-1922 Julia Campbell French, Spanish

1921-1922 Doris Cummings English

1922-1923 Ruth Cummings Dom. Sc.

1921-1932 Ethel Putnam Latin

1921-1925 Mary D. Sullivan (Cronin) English

1921-1923 Dorothy Smith Com.

1921-1923 Mabel Jones Com.

* 1922 Kathryn Finnegan (Beauregard) French, Spanish

1922-1924 Amy Gibbs Drawing

1922-1923 Charlotte Burns Dom. Sc.

1922-1927 Marguerite Houle, RN School Nurse

1923-1924 John Doyle Science

* 1923 Louise Corbin Dom. Sc.

1923-1926 Doris Swett Music

1923-1924 Catherine O'Donnell Com.

1923-1924 Myrtle Johnson Com.

1924-1926 Kathryn Trufant English

1924-1927 Ethel B. Smith Com.

1924-1929 Mary Kennedy Com.

1924-1926 Vincent Hutchinson Science

1924-1927 Marion Horton Math

1924-1930 Alice M. Oliff Drawing

1924-1925 Randolph Blodgett Civics

1925-1926 Arolyn Sargent

1925-1928 Dorothy Dartt History

1926-1930 May Dempsey English

1926-1935 Claudia Dupre French

* 1926 Harry McMahon Science

* 1926 Thecla Fitzgerald English

1926-1929 Winona Libby Com.

1926-1937 Rosalie McGrath (Rubenstein) Music

* 1927 Frances Troy Com.

* 1927 Winifred King School Nurse

1927-1929 Janet Height Math

1928 Helga Johnson History

1928-1936 Alice Phinney English

* 1928 Priscilla Drake History

1929-1932 Louise Burrington (Oakes) Math

* 1929 Constance Coderre Com.

1929-1932 Esther Knowlton Com.

1929-1941 Joseph B. Lanza Manual Arts

* 1930 Persis Howe Com.

1930-1935 Helen Woodward (Wallace) English

1930-1931 Irene Mitchell English

1930-1933 Veronica roycroft (Fitzpatrick) Dom. Sc.

1930-1932 Harriet Beattie Drawing

1931-1940 Robert V. Beals Science

1931-1932 Louise Austin Com.

1932 Lillian J. Anderson

1932-1935 Osborne B. Tabor Science & Math

1932-1934 Mildred Rose (Falk) Com.

1932-1934 Weston H. Brockway Math

1932 Elizabeth Wells Latin

1933-1934 Alice Atkins Dom. Sc.

* 1933 Stella Hefner Latin

1933-1934 Ethel Kidd (Waite) Com.

1933-1936 Neil G. Robinson Science & History

1934 Ralph T. Dalrymple Math

1934-1936 A. Bernard Peterson Math

1934-1939 Agnes Parsons (Bowen) Com.

1934-1935 Blance M. Dufault (Butler Com.

** 1934-1943 Martin J. Earls English

1934-1938 Evelyn Dover (Bent) Dom. Sc.

1934-1941 Stephanie Kozyra (Duffy) Math

1935-1936 Mary Frances McReynolds English

1935-1938 William L. Winston Com.

1935-1940 Hayward Snell English

1936-1937 Lenore Thompson Mech. Drawing

1936-1940 Milton E. Mickelson History

* 1935 Dorothy Lanphear English

* 1936 Paul E. Dion History & Science

** 1937-1942 Berg Paraghamian Math

1936-1942 Cecile Pinard (LeClair) Languages

1937-1941 Berthe Hebert (Kersey) Music

* 1937 Claire Birtz Drawing

1937-1938 Harold Hawkes Science

1938-1941 Robert C. Hall Science

** 1938-1942 Lewis A. Kyrios Science

1938-1941 Jeannette Plante Com.

1938-1940 Alice E. Walters (Landry) Dom. Sc.

* 1939 Flora Tait English

* 1939 Rose Brodeur Social Studies

* 1940 Raoul O. Lataille Visual Ed.

* 1940 Barbara Hall (Kyrios) Dom. Sc.

1940-1942 Sylvia Roper (McInerny) Com.

1941-1942 Carl Richmond Music

* 1941 Margaret Vannah Com.

* 1941 Ruth Norton Com.

1942 Peter J. Sperandio Science

* 1942 Norman Tardiff Math

1942 Marcella Gilrain Science

* 1942 Dorothy Dolan Music

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