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Selected stories by Dick Whitney

A favorite photo of Dad and I in his "office" at home - ~1954

This web site first was started because I wanted to share Dad's Autobiography, and what better way to do it than by the Internet!
Many have found his stories to be entertaining. Our family has also treasured these writings and I thought that someday I would like to do something similar.
Some of the stories have already been written and posted else wear on this site and are linked below, others are new to the site and so noted.
I would love to hear from those interested in any of the stories below, as I am writing them in random order.

Feel free to e-mail me at dickwhitney@charter.net

In loving Memory of Mom (Jan Whitney)
Jan 30, 1926 - Apr 5, 2011

Remembering when JFK was shot - 50 years later - Nov 2013

In Memory of Marc Duame- my first College Roommate at UMass Amherst (1969-70)

Dec 21, 1976 - Recalling when Peg and I became officially engaged   

UMass Amherst in 1972

Peg and I visit the Melody Burlesque in June 1978 - me with my camera!
Rev 15-Jul-14

Feedback / Recollections on my UMass Website postings

The UMass Teletype room in 1973

Collecting Records - What are those?

Memories of Mom in family photos

Our first apartment 

Settling as newlyweds and buying our home in Southbridge 

  Dating Peg and being in No No Nanette together 

Pegs June 22, 2011  brain surgery for Epilepsy 

Dads  book which he gave me as a child - The Boy Captive of Old Deerfield

It takes little to amuse- recollectitons of Jeff and I as we rode to Mrs. Mundells  Kindergarten Class at Trinity Church

Memories of growing up on Litchfield Ave in Southbridge

An unforgetable event in Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen Denmark) 1994

Our house on 122 Litchfield Ave

Dad, Harvard Square and Love Story

Concerts I have attended thru years

Dad,  the AO Glass plant, and his demonstration to me of the properties of Prince Ruperts Drop

Dad's WW1 Army soldiers that he gave me one Christmas

Photos of my various offices during my career at AO in Southbridge

Golfing at Nichols in Dudley

JAWS 22-Nov-11 Rev
Opening Day 20-Jun-75

AO History and the ID of a Murder Victim - Feb 2008

Photos from my 5th Birthday Party  (Aug 1956)

Living with Epilepsy

Umass Chorus and Richard Gere

You tube video of me in 1969 when I first started UMass Amherst

UMass George Washington 2st Floor (Rm 2107)

UMass Amherst photos on Oct 15, 1969
(A day of protest for the Vietnam War)

The Jaffrey Stillman Cabins (Moms parents summer home)
You tube video of a family cookout in 1959

The "twenty dollar girl"

Look what I found in my peas!

The Graduate at White City Cinema (1968)
You tube video of Downtown Worcester added

Lorin Hollander

The King Family
King Family Member Cam Clarke recalls
the traveling/concert days!

You tube video of the King Family in August 1969 in Saratoga NY

It was as plain as the nose on my face!

Peg and Joe - The List!
New photos added May 26, 2011

Martha's Vineyard - The Pequot in Oak Bluffs
You tube videoa of Marthas Vineyard added

Photos from 1965 Worlds Fair in NYC

2007 Chamber of Commerce interiew with Dick Whitney

Peg and I in Jan 1977 at Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas and Oct 1977 Wedding Photo

Dick Whitney You Tube Southbridge Links above include several SHS Football games,
town parades from the 1960s. Check it out!

Check out my Youtube Video home page

Dick Whitney Interview -
June 2007 Central South Crossroads

Don Whitney (My father) info on this web site:

Dads Autobiography link (which is why I started this website in 1998)

Download Complete Autobiography (Zip file of 360 k, in PDF format)

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"Little Willie" Poems
Margaret Morrissey Identifies family poems

Dad's Correspondance with Jack Lemmon

Cousin Bob and Whitney Relatives

Dad and Ham Radio (1963 AO News Article)

Dad and the Pajama Bottom Story

Southbridge Recollections


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