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The home I grew up in at 122 Litchfield Ave.  

Front door of the house I grew up in at 122 Litchfield Ave
(At left ~1953 and at right 1969 photo)

I was born at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge, and since birth unitl I married Peg in 1977, with the exception of College, I lived at 122 Litchfield Ave.
I had a very happy childhood growing up on this street. The portion of Litchfield where I grew up was a dead end, and we had great times in this neighborhood.
My room was the one facing front (second floor) to the left of the front door. Mom and Dads was on the other side and Sues overlooked the other side and back yard.

The bell I am holding in the above photo was one that Mom used when she wanted us to come home (for supper) when we were playing in the neighborhood.


1947 Don Whitney photo above (more in link below)
Read Don Whitney recollection about its purchase

1954 Snowstorm








May 1993


A view of Litchfield ave, where the house at 122 Litchfield Ave is showntp tje right of tthe orange marker.
The house is above the garage, which was built in 1974. My best friend Jeff McKinstry lived around the corner of Poplar street (#58).
It is the second house on the left after turning the corner at the top of this image.

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