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I believe the year was 1968, and Dad and I were shopping in Denholm's department store which was located in a large building on Main Street in Worcester Ma. Mom was likely having coffee, as she did not like shopping but usually came with us on our Saturday trips into Worcester. We came upon a painting of a women which was very striking and we both liked very much. Dad bought one of the copies for $20.

For years, this prominently hung at my parents house.
We came to call this painting the "twenty dollar girl".


In recent years, this painting has hung in various locations at my house and it has special memories for me.

Fast forward to July 2006, when I entered a friend house to see another painting of the same model. I was startled, and for the first time decided to look into the painting and the artist. While I had never paid attention to the artists name before, I noted the painting that I had just discovered was titled the Nymph and the artist had signed it JHLynch. Armed with that info, I found that our twenty dollar girl was named "Tina".

Check this website out for more info on the artist, the "twenty dollar girl", and his work : http://www.jhlynch.org/

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