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A start at my "Autobiography"
Selected stories /photos by Dick Whitney

Photo/comments on many of my "offices" during my career at AO

My first desk on the forth floor of 2L (White Cement Lens Plant Building, now bld 50) - AO's Central Testing Laboratory

Near my desk where I ran particle size analysis tests

1985 Office (above and below) in the Research Building "17"


1989 desk back on the forth floor of 2L

Bernie Maciejewski looks in my office, where I had people sign in/out for about 10 years.
I stayed in that and adjoining office from 1968 until 2006
Moved to next door office ~2004

Cluttered that space too!


Moved to 368 Main Street office in Dec 2006, began work in Jan at new location; I stayed there until Feb 2014 when  I moved to perhaps my final location -
12 Crane St next to the Optical Heritage Museum (photos below)

Dec 2015 photos in my 12 Crane St office.
The map in the back was in Dads Ham Shack and dates back to the 1950s. 
He place pins in the map for each location he talked to.


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