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Dads book that he had a child (and passed on to me)-
The Boy Captive of Old Deerfield

Mom and Dad in Deerfield Ma - 1963 (Dick Whitney photo)

In 1934, when Dad was 9, he was given the book titled Boy Captive of Old Deerfield, published in 1929. It details the Indian Raid on Deerfield Ma, which happened on Feb 29th, 1704; the book that he was given, also had several beautiful color illustrations by Frank E. Schoonover. When I was young, Dad gave me his book and I became fascinated (as did he) with this story and book. In 1963, we visited the graves, museum and battleground area where this occurred. The photo above (and also further below) were taken at that time.

Recently, I found the book and read the story again.  It was fascinating for me to re-read and recommend it to others.
Copies of a newer print can be found on line. Shown below are my photos of the illustrations in Dads book.


Standing by the Meeting house (1963)
and diagram from the book showing its location in the stockade.


On line book excerpts:


That is me in the Red coat in 1963

This is the actual door where the Indians chopped a hole  into it and shot thru it

Standing on the mass grave in the Cemetary - 1963

Dad's WW1 Army soldiers that he gave to me one Christmas

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May 31, 2011

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