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A memorable meal at a Restaurant in Copenhagen,
Denmarks Tivoli Gardens
May 1994

Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen, Denmark
May 1994

In May of 1994, Peg and I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark. I was traveling on business to attend ISO meetings on Spectacle Lenses, and was fortunate to be able to take Peg along. We found Denmark to be wonderful, and it on our top 2 or 3 places we have visited in the World. One night, we toured the Tivoli Gardens and enjoyed this very much. We were walking around and decided to have Dinner, and asked Bill Scott (Transitions / ISO Delegate) to join us.

We found a beautiful restaurant that was quite large and had 2 floors. It looked like the downstairs seated 150-200  people, and there was a balcony second floor that sat another 60 or so people. We arrived at the restaurant around 5:45 and asked to be seated. Since the time was early by European Standards, there were very few people in the Restaurant. Before being seated, we were told that they would seat us  only if we agreed that we had to leave by 8PM, as they expected to be busier later. We figured 2 hours would be more than enough, and as such agreed. We were taken up to the second floor balcony and seated at a corner table. There were very few seated on this floor, and none in the downstairs when we sat down.

The Dinner menu was quite impressive, and included in the fixed price (including tip) was dessert. We had a leisurely meal and did not keep track of time, which apparently got away from us. At about 7:45, we realized that our 8PM deadling was nearing us, so we looked thru the dessert menu selection and after another 5 minutes or so we selected the final portion of the meal. When the waiter came over to our table and we proceeded to indicate our desire for dessert. Before completing verbalizing our desire, we were stopped and reminded that we agreed to leave by 8PM, and there no longer would be time to eat anything further. We were dumbfounded, for the room was still relatively empty as was the entire downstairs. We were told we must leave, and as we walked downstairs, the reality of our situation was sinking in, and I recall Bill getting especially angry. He relayed our situation to a worker downstairs, and he demanded - "I want to speak to the Manager about this!" The response was "I am the Manager, and you must leave now!". With that we left speachless.

Peg and Bill Scott having the meal before the incident being recalled

Another restaurant experience I will never forget!



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