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Living with Epilepsy

Peg and I both have Epilepsy, having lived with it much of our lives. I have had 2 Grand Mal Seizures, but fortunately have been under control with medication since 1966. Peg has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and is less controlled; her first seizure was as an infant. We are both fortunate, however, to have had supportive families and live relatively normal lives.

Peg had brain surgery to remove her right hippo-campus on June 22, 2011 and was released from the hospital on Jun 26! She is doing very well and time will tell how seizrure free she is, but so far she is great! For recent information on Peg, check this link out.

In 1967, I wrote a High School Term paper on Epilepsy, and decided to post it here. I also found the materials / pamphlets I used as resources at the time. Check out this pamphlet and the arcaic laws that were on the books in 1965:

Problems of the Epileptic - 1967 Term paper by Richard Whitney
This is a 4mb pdf file for download

Link to PDF file to print out the above 1965 pamphlet
We have come a long way!!!

Epilepsy Foundation website- MA and RI office

That's me, Dick Whitney, working on a school Term Paper a couple years earlier (1965)

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