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Living with Epilepsy - Pegs Harrington Hospital Presentation
Tuesday June 19, 2012 at 7PM

Peg -Living with Epilepsy

After her 6 hour brain operation to remove her right hippocampus on June 22, 2011  In less than 24 hours after her surgery, she was out of intensive care and no signs of any complications other than a bad headache. She was released from UMass Med on June 26 and made a remarkable recovery. Peg has struggled with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy since birth, and in recent years her seizures had gotten worse. Her prognosis since surgery is very good, with the expectation her seizures will now be fully controlled with medication, which she still we need to take.

Peg less than 24 hours after surgery

Before and After views of the brain; the circled photo below it shows the area taken out, which was found to be very abnormal when examined post op.

Before and after above; below is Aug 15 MRI where circled area shows section taken  out.

Below that is an MRI image showing how they accessed the Hippocampus.


Peg 5 days after surgery!

Pegs scar 3 days after surgery;
it will be covered by her hair and not visible to others!

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