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Ryan O'Neil and Ali MacGraw on Nov 28, 1969 -
A  photo of the filming the day we stumbled across this happening

Dad, Harvard Square and 'Love Story' filming

The year was 1969, and I recall the day after Thanksgiving to be a beautiful, sunny fall day. I was in my first semester at UMass, which led my father to think of taking me to his college Harvard - to reminisce (and shop at the Coop). While this was not my first visit to Harvard and the area, it was my most memorable. I recall when my mother, father and I arrived I instantly regretted that I did not have my camera with me. I remember vividly that I was especially impressed with the Memoral Church Steeple and how the sun shown on it and thinking there were some great photo opportunities. Little did I know that I would want that camera for reasons other than the scenery.

On this day, Dad choose to walk us into Widener Library and see the courtyard behind it- something that I don't recall having done before that day. As we opened the Library doors and began to walk down the steps of the Library into the courtyard, I remember hearing the words "Action"!!!  We soon realized that we had stumbled upon a filming of a movie, but had no idea what it was. We asked a nearby specatator what was going on and she said that is was some film called "A Love story', or something like that. Shortly after those words, I remember seeing Ryan O'Neil and Ali MacGraw walking in the courtyard.  My mouth dropped, for I recognized them and reached for my  camera and realized again that I had neglected to bring it; I assure you that to this day, I have thought of this time and is a reason why I am seldom without my camera!

Bing image of the Harvard Courtyard area where we witnessed the filming

Love Story trailer - Youtube video


A 1954 photo of Harvard Square - Don Whitney

Another Movie Filming I stumbled across !

Some of my College recollections from 1969-73:

UMass on Oct 15, 1969 - A Day of Concern (Protest of the Vietnam War)

UMass - 21st Floor of George Washington Tower (1969-1973)

Dick,Stan and Gary ("Moe, Curly and Larry') in Tower 5, 21st Floor

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