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Lorin Hollander

Lorin playing our piano - October 1963

The year was 1963. Lorin Hollander, a famous classical pianist (age 19!), traveled to town to give a concert at Southbridge High School. The Tri-Community Concert Association had invited Lorin to Southbridge and my mother offered to host Lorin for that day. He needed a place to practice and stay prior to his concert. At that time we had a Steinhart upright piano, which was not ideal but served its purpose. I recall being very impressed by watching him practice. I remember him playing excerpts from "Pictures at an Exhibition". My father also requested he play "Rhapsody in Blue" which was a favorite of Dad's (and mine).

I especially remember being impressed that Lorin said he practiced between 8 and 10 hours every day. He also said that one time he flexed the muscles in his arm during his practicing so much that it broke his watch band. My sister Sue and I were also interested to hear that Lorin went to school with Leslie Gore. At that time there was a big hit of hers titles "It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want too)".

Southbridge Evening News - Sat Oct 19, 1963

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