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No No Nanette

No No Nanette- Aug 1976
Peg, Dick and Dottie Dubriel

Following my involvment with Gateways Anything Goes in Novemeber 1975, a group of us from Gateway took tap dancing lessons from Debbie Sichol. The following summer we learned of auditions for a musical play that was to be put on in Pomfet, Ct called No No Nanette. At the same time, I had reconnected with Peg after our 3 dates the summer before. I saw Peg walking on Elm St as Dad and I were returning to work at AO. I yelled out the window and we agreed to talk soon. I called that night be she was out shopping with her Mom. I decided not to call again. A week later she called me. I mentioned that I was auditioning for No No Nanette and wondered if she to would like to audition. She said yes, so I now had a good excuse to pick her up and be with her on the drive to and from Ct. The auditions came and went and ultimately we both had small singing and dancing parts in the play.

For rehersals, I would pick Peg up along with another cute girl Donna. Also, usually in the back seat were Taylor Bennvenuti and Dottie Dubriel. After a number of rides to and from, both Taylor and Dottie could tell I was wanting to date Peg, as I usually dropped of Donna first even though Peg was the logical first drop off. I recall one time they were  in the back and I was obviously delaying having Peg get out of the car. From the back seat, Taylor said "Oh for heavens sake, just go ahead and kiss her!" - which I think I did. Over the course of rehersal, I soon fell in Love with Peg - a prospect which I know frightened her for she had another year of college and did not want to settle down.

Shortly before the opening of No No Nanette, I went with my parents to Marthas Vineyard. This year, however, I told them I would be leaving early to make the  play rehersal and of course to see Peg. Mom at that point could correctly sense (as often did) that I was serious about Peg. To leave MV meant she was important to me.

What happened next in our courtship?

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