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It was as plain at the nose on my face!

In the summer of 1969, I was taken into Boston by my parents for an eye examination. For several years I had periodically visited an elderly ophthalmologist named Dr. Virgil Casten. I was being treated for an eye condition (Choroiditis), where I needed to have my pupils dilated for the exam. Near the beginning of this visit, I told Dr. Virgil Casten that later in the evening, my parents and I were going to see the musical Hair at the Wiblur Theater. To this day, I am not sure he approved, for there was a nude scene in the middle of the show and at that time it was rather controversial. In an apparent effort to help me out, the Doctor. put some other eye-drops in my eyes to constrict the pupils. About 15 minutes later, we all left the office and headed downstairs to the car, which was parked near a street sign on Beacon St. Curious as to how my site might be, my father pointed to a sign about 15 feet away and said "Can you read that sign?". I looked directly at it and said "What sign?". Within a few short minutes, I soon realized that I could see absolutely nothing, except for the nose which was in perfect focus. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life.

Later in the day, we went out to eat at Pier 4 Restaurant on the water. Not only was I missing the view of Boston Harbor, but I could not even see my dinner plate or utensils. By the time the play began, I could begin to see the people on stage. During the nude scene, all I could wonder was "Did the doctor really not want me to see this?" I guess I will never know.

The photos below is a photo taken in Oct 08 of the damage to my right eye ,
which is the reason I was being treated by Dr.Virgil Casten (on Beacon Street in Boston ) .
The white area shown with the lines thru it (from the Zeiss Device) show
a scar much like a  "cigarette bur
n" that ate away at tissue and causes a blind spot.


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