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Photos of our first apartment (1977 to 1980 ) -  Dick Whitney

Following our marriage on Oct 15, 1977, Peg and I decided to begin married life by renting an apartment, in order to “enjoy life” as a couple before settling down and raising  children; since I was working at AO and Peg had a job in Southbridge as well, we decided to look in the area of our hometown. Pegs Dad noticed an ad on the AO bulletin board, advertising an apartment on Old Sturbridge Road in Sturbridge, just beyond the Big Bunny market. We called and met with the owners (Duff and Alice Duchesneau). The apartment was beautiful, and we immediately agreed to rent it. It was on the second floor at 12 Old Sturbridge Road, and was ideal for us at that time. We became close to Duff and Alice, who soon seemed like our grandparents and took a special interest in us.

Excerpt from Making Southbridge our home to raise our children

Dancing and attempting to smoke a cigar.

Peg cooking and doing was - truly historic photos ! :)

Peg on the phone - probably with her mother


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