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Peg, Joe, Dick and the List!

Dick and Peg in 1976- Becker College in Worcester

When Peg and I first started dating, I particularly remember what happened on our third date in the summer of 1975. While I was happy that I had been invited down to her house, I certainly did not like what I heard next! Peg said to me: "Would like to see a picture of my boyfriend? He is 6 foot 3 inches and is from North Carolina". Needless to say, I had little choice but to say "sure". I don't recall what happened next, except that I soon left and did not see her until that following year. While I never would have guessed at that time that we would get together again, there were many bumps along the way. The biggest "bump" was yet to come!

The following summer, we started dating again and I knew I was falling in love with her. At the end of that second summer, just prior to her going back to finish College, I mentioned that I would like to marry her. Peg never directly answered, a sign of things to come. In September of 1976 she went off to Becker Jr. College in Worcester, where she had one year left.  I still saw her on weekends, but knew she was not ready to settle down withe me. After about one month, she told me that she had met someone else - his name was Joe and he went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

To make a long story short, after some time dating us both she said she could not decide between us, but could sense that both sides of our family wanted to see us together. This pressure made her more resistant to our relationship. What happened next was another memorable moment in our relationship. Peg said "I just don't know what to do, for I like you both. "I know"exclaimed Peg, "I will write a LIST!!!". She took out a pad of paper and put at the top Joe and then Dick. First under Joe's column of positive traits was that he was "sexy", whereas I saw under mine were the words "a Nice guy"!!! After that, I recall asking if I could have an aspirin. The list grew to 10 to 3 in his favor, I thought I was done for. I was ready to leave again, but somehow we continued dating, even though Joe and I both knew about one another. I think I "won" because Joe was not ready to commit, and somehow Peg knew our relationship would grow.

As difficult as that was at the time, I must say that her honesty is what has made our relationship last. We were married in October of 1977 (one year after the list), and have been living happily together ever since. She taught me that being honest was important, and her caring and loving nature made me become a more open person too! On October 15, 2007 we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Things worked out better than I would have thought on that depressing Sunday afternoon. We have two children now (born 1980 and 1983), and am so glad that even though I lost at the list, I won her heart in the end. 

As I update this page (21-Dec-2011), it is exactly 35 years to the day that we became engaged and were married the following Oct. in 1977. How time flies. I tell everyone I lost to Joe, but of course I did not - did I? :)


Photo taken when Peg and I became engaged - Dec 21, 1976
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