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The Night Peg and I became "officially" engaged

Dec 21, 1976

Today is Dec 21, 2011 and I am thinking back to the snowy night, exactly 35 years ago, when Peg and I 'officially' became engaged. I say officially, for the previous October 15th she and I talked and she accepted my earlier proposal (made that Summer), but she asked that I not tell anybody yet. :) That was really because she knew I was ready to give up on her, as she had been dating Joe from WPI along with me.

In any case, this is about what happened on Dec 21, 1976. It was practically the first night that Peg returned home for Winter vacation from Becker College, and I could not wait a minute longer to give her the diamond ring to mark our engagement. The diamond was a family heirloom that I inherited via my father Aunt Madeline Barlow. I had it set at Sharfman's in Worcester, and during the months prior to this night, when holding hands I would often try to "size" her finger using my fingers around her ring finger.

On this night, I recall asking my parents to leave us along (I was still living with them at the time); while I don't recall telling them specifically of my plans, they must have known something was up as it was terrible weather that night. I believe there was heavy snow (4-6 inches), and in spite of this they left and went shopping downtown (Kouri Edwards clothing store in the Edwards building). Peg tells me also that when she was getting dressed that night, her Mom said she should change from her jeans to something more dressy. I expect both Moms must have compared notes.

After picking Peg up that night, we went back to 122 Litchfield Ave. where I had put up the Christmas tree but it still needed to be decorated. I brought out the boxes of ornaments, where hidden in one of the ornament boxes was the ring. As I described some sentimental background of the various ornaments to her. When I picked up the box with the ring in it, I knelt in front of her and said "Will you marry me, Miss Nass?" The Miss Nass was a little startling to her, but to my relief she formally answered 'Yes'. While it is not entirely the end of the story, let us say the rest is history.


This is of Peg and I when she and I became engaged - Dec 21, 1976.
I was some catch - cool shirt too :)

Peg and I displaying her new ring

Celebrating our "35th" at the Vienna (Dec 21, 2011)

Newly engaged Erica and Luke join us for a drink to celebrate our 35th!

Peg, Joe, Dick and the List!

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