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UMass - Oct 15, 1969
Dick Whitney photos of
"A Day of Concern" on the UMass Amherst Campus
as part of a National protest of the Vietnam War

For those that know me, I almost always make a habit a taking my camera with me. One month into my Freshman year, I participated in a pivotal Anti-war rally that was held on the UMass campus by the pond. Of course, I had my camera with me and took the photos on this page. As I was taking the photos, I did think about how some may have thought I was doing so for other reasons, as even then there was the feeling (which turned out to be true), that we were being monitored by the Government. In any case, for those that did not live thru this period it is hard to grasp the emotions that were present on this day. The photos, however, give a flavor for the campus as it appeared on Oct 15, 1969.



UMass Chorus and Richard Gere

UMass - 21st Floor of George Washington Tower (1969-1973)

Dick, Stan and Gary ("Moe, Curly and Larry') in Tower 5, 21st Floor

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