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UMass Amherst Campus - 1973 photos of the Teletype room

Before the days of the PC, cell phones and Ipads, we learned to write and execute computer programs
using teletype machines with punch tapes and telephone hookups where the phone was inserted into a cradle to connect.
Here is Dad at the teletype machine in May 1973.

Me showing Mom the teletype room

Photos of Campus - 1972 and 1973

Feedback on my UMass Website postings

UMass T6 - Dick, Stan and Gary (Moe, Curly and Larry)

UMass - 21st Floor of George Washington Tower (1969-1973)

Umass Chorus and Richard Gere

UMass on Oct 15, 1969 - A Day of Concern (Protest of the Vietnam War)

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