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Nov 2011 Feedback -


I was playing around on the web and stumbled into a story about Southwest. One thing led to another and then your youtube video from 1969 popped up. I was there that day and have often thought of it. I lived in John Adams, 10th floor, from 1969 - 1973. On that first day my Mom dropped me and my best friend/roomate on the corner in front of the Creamery. I had a box trunk and my roomate had a cardboard box tied with a rope. Mom drove off and we waved good bye. It is funny how four years later I would need a full car to get my accumulated junk home. Thanks for the memories.

I also grew up in Worcester County, having been born in Clinton and raised in Berlin. All of my growing up memories are wonderful. I travelled to downtown Worcester frequently, using the hitch hike method, to use their library while working on High School term papers. My grandmother worked at Denholms. My twin brother graduated from WPI and had many dates with Becker girls. After graduation I worked for one of the Big 8 accounting firms in Worcester and bought my first house in Auburn. Later I moved over the hill to Wilbraham and worked in East Longmeadow for a number of years. The blizzard of 1978 found me abandoning my car on the Mass Pike in Sturbridge where I was lucky enough to be picked up by a total stranger who drove me right to my door in Auburn. That storm must have been my breaking point because shortly after that I wound up moving to Anaheim, Ca to stay. At any rate, your pictures and stories were very entertaining and stirred up my own memories. Thanks again for a second time.

Very truly yours,

Kenneth A. Corman
Trade Finishing Corporation

Amherst Center in 1972 (Dick Whitney photo)

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