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UMass Amherst - Southwest
George Washington Tower (T5) - the 21st Floor in early 1970's

Dick, Stan and Gary (Moe, Curly and Larry)

1972 photo -
Room 2107  George Washington Tower, UMass Amherst
My room for 4 years!

In my Junior and Senior years

Dick Whitney - Room 2107 (1969-1973)
Marc Duame - 2107 roomate in 1969
Ted Prifty - 2107 Roomate in 1970
Stan Kopec -2107 Roomate (1971-1973)
Gary LaFleur - Room 2114
Wayne Woodruff
Bill Worcester
Bob Raucci
Ray Talkington
Bob Lucci
Dave from N.J.
Don Lederer
Lurch (Dave)
Kevin McNamara
Bob Ellis

List by Curly (Stan Kopec)

Stan ~1973

Gary (pretending to work)
Dick not shown in photos above - he was taking a nap! 

Southwest in 1972

Returning to campus in late 1998 (Dick, Stan and Gary)

Gary Lafleur, Stan Kopec & Dick Whitney - Aug 2007
(Larry, Curly and Moe)

Dec 22, 2009

Photos below - 1973 Hampden Dining Commons

In Memory of Marc Duame, my first College Roommate

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