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In memory of Marc Duame

U.Mass Amherst - Southwest
George Washington Tower (T5) - the 21st Floor  (Room 2017)

Marc fly-fishing - an activity he loved!

I learned with sadness earlier this month (April 2012), that my first college roommate, Marc Duame,
had passed away suddenly in 2008. I was contacted by his long time companion, Delila, who wrote me as follows:

Apr 1, 2012 email

As it was Marc's birthday yesterday, I thought a little reminiscing via GOOGLE would be a comforting way to pass the day. 

Marc passed away in May of 2008 very unexpectedly. Marc and I were together for 18 years.
During that time, we traveled extensively in the states and internationally as well.
I am so fortunate to have had the time with Marc and even more fortunate in the way we spent our time together.
 (we worked less than half of the 18 years)


Marc spoke often of you and the great time he had at UMASS although it sounded like not a lot of studying took place.
I got a warm spot in my heart when I saw your name and Marc's. Thank you for the moment.





We later talked, and then she provided me with the photos on this page and also this email:



 It was so nice to talk to you and hear about Marc.  He was a special man.  These are a few pics of us in various places. 
I think the one in New York on New Years eve says a lot about Marc.
It was raining and he did not want to get his hair wet so a wore the shower cap from the hotel. 
Didn't care about the stares and giggles he got.  Too funny.

 A few other notes about our life together.  Traveled a lot--Europe, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Costa Rica etc. 
Also traveled for 6 mos around the US and then again for a year.  He loved to explore and see new things.  A real zest for life.



This photo is from my collection of UMass photos from 1969:

Marc, Dick, and Mom

A Windows Live Local view of Southwest, where George Washington Tower is the lower most tower in the photo.
The 21st floor is next to the top and my room was near the middle on the side that is in view.

Campus photos from 1972 and 1973

Umass Chorus and Richard Gere
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