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AO's Anti- Reflection coating development/products-
an industry leader in this technology

The following on line Time Magazine excerpt was located by Margaret Morrissey, Director - Southbridge Jacob Edwards Library

42.10 (Sept 6, 1943): p90. (133 words)

Full Text:COPYRIGHT 1943 Time, Inc.

"The glare has been removed from glass. The first practical process for treating big and small surfaces to eliminate lightreflection was announced this week by its inventor, H. R. Moulton of the American Optical Co. An improvement over a previously developed vacuum process for treating small glass surfaces, Moulton's invention is a simple coating that makes glass and other materials nonreflecting--and virtually invisible. Restricted to military uses for the duration, it will provide the postwar world with such useful things as: spectacle lenses that will cut out bright-light reflections for their wearer and be almost invisible to others; glareless car windshields; more visible dashboards and instrument panels; store windows, showcases, picture frames, watch crystals and clockfaces so clear that the glass is invisible;-faster camera lenses, producing sharper pictures; clearer movies and television."

Source Citation
"Invisible Glass.(Science)." Time 6 Sept. 1943: 90. Academic OneFile. Web. 13 June 2010

AO News Article

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AO Vision - 1944 Article on AO's Anti-Reflection coating progress, used first by AO in WWII
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