AO - Southbridge Facilities

The AO Southbridge Facilities are shown in an aireal photo (1965?) above.
This page documents various aspects of the Southbridge Facility. Inlcuded are a number of items from the past, but also updates on recent changes to the facility

Rev 18-June-10 - Check this link out - Google Interactive Map of the AO Complex and Southbridge Optical Links

AO 1959 Map of Southhbridge Complex
Download pd

Click here for printable pdf file of above map

The map below was preparred for the  May 28, 2002 AO Reunion;
it shows present layout of the Southbridge Business Center.

Shown below is a 2005 ride from building 50 parking lot south and by 15 Case (AO's Casedale)


Major businesses on the site/ old AO Campus in 2009 are:

Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center

Aearo - formerly AO Safety

Schott Fiber Optics

In Sept 2009, QCC began its satelite operations in this facility

In July 2010, Westfield State announes a Southbridge program

AO History relating to the Southbridge Facility


Newly discovered 1940s model of the AO Main Plant (Optical Heritage Museum)
Jeanine McElroy helps to assemble the puzzle!
June 16, 2010 Dick Whitney Photos

Photos above from 1942 Employee Guide

The AO Southbridge Powerhouse

The AO Southbridge Warehouse 

AO Glass Plant

AO Lendsale Building history 

Click here for map of Campus in 1966

Photo of 1943 Construction of the Frame Plant (now AearO Safety)- All Wood

Photo of Construction of the AO Lens Plant in 1910
Photo Courtesy of Jacob Edwards Library

1912 view of the 2L (Building 50) soon after its construction in 1910

Click here for how I remember the AO Lens Plant at Christmas time in the 1960's

Dredging the AO Pond in 1978

Driving in thru the North St Gate in July 1978

Year 2000 AO Complex (Southbridge Business Center) Tenants

The Power House and Water Spray at River

AO Main Plant History


History of the AO Research Building "17"

Shown below is a 1935 Composite of the Southbridge AO Grounds; distances are not to scale as be can seen
in the 1965 photo above.

Map of Complex Across the River from the Main Plant

View from the Air of AO Southbridge Complex (Nov 1955 - After the Flood)

The Hartwell building where AO Began in 1833

Text from 1983 Publication - AO Facilities (Part 1)

Text from 1983 Publication - AO Facilities (Part 2)

Text from 1983 Publication - AO Facilities (Part 3)

Text from 1983 Publication - AO Facilities (Part 4)

Plans ~2003 that did not occur  for the Southbridge Business Center

Download this tour brochure from 1974
2mb pdf
See photos of AO Family Day

In a Spring 2002 cleanup, two Franklin Services employee's found this Humphrey For President bumper sticker (1968) in the pond!
Shown below holding this bumper sticker are Mike Jovan and Terry Alden. Good work guys!!!


Dick Whitney

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