AO - Southbridge

American Optical's Executive Lens Manufacturing
in the Lens Plant "Cement Building" -  2L

The Glass Executive Bifocal Lens was introduced by American Optical in 1952.
What follows are images of this operation as it existed until the closure of manufacturing in June 2005.
The process and design changed little since the introduction of this product, and as such must be considered
the longest running ophthalmic lens manufacture of one product type in only one location -
53 years at AO  Southbridge. 

JFK's Glasses with AO Executive lenses and the letter rec'd by AO on the Day of his Assasination!
Provided by Charles Walsh
New Nov 8th, 2010

For those with ophthalmic lens interest or knowledge, click here for a 1975 Technical pamplet in PDF format.
It may take a while to download.

RP Blocks- in the forground, the green is "pitch" that holds the in process lenses during the lens making process

RP Blocking area where Pitch is applied to Lens Blank

AO Designed and Built Machinery still in use since startup in 1957

Tony at the Milling unit


A view of the display case, showing the steps and components of the AO Executive Lens



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