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Southbridge - Then and Now

1968 & 2008 Dick Whitney photos

Elevated view of Main St intersection - 1940s view from Old YMCA,
2016 view from similar location (Southbridge Savings second floor window)

Looking up Elm St from Main - 1916 and 2016

Central Street Morrill Memorial headstone building - ~1880 and 2016

View looking down Mill Street ~ 1919 and March 2016

Main near Chestnut St - August 19, 1955 and March 2016

Mill Street Bridge - August 19, 1955 and March 2016

Denneson Rock in 1966 Book and 2016

Route 169 Antiques Building - 1920 and 2015

Pleasant St School Building  in 1983 and June 2014

28 Sandersdale Road in 1938 after Hurricane and June 2014 

A view of Main Street (looking down hill) in 1925 and 2014 

The "Rotary area" as viewed from the Train tracks - 1925 and 2014  

118 Pleasant St - 1930 and 2014  

Corner of Main and Goddard (location of former Friendlies) - 1966, 2008 and 2015 
Rev 28-Jul-15

Southbridge Post Office under construction in 1928 and 2014

Elderly Housing Project on Charlton St- Early 1970s and 2012

The Corner of Central and Main where JFK spoke in 1959 and in Nov 2013
New 19-Nov-13

A look down Main St hill, 1938, 1950s and 2013

Floods Automotive on Hamilton Street - 1954, 2013 and 2015 (100 of selling gas ends)
Rev 28-Jul-15

Corner of Chestnut and Main - 1955 Flood and 2013

Blizzard of 1978 and 2013

View of Edwards Block from near Library (pre 1923, 1954 and 2005)

View of Central Baptist Church and Jacob Edwards Library location - 1907 and 2013

Corner of Main and Marcy (present Brooks pharmacy location)

"AO" complex Building 17 (now building 40) Life Magazine 1955 photo and IEEE Visitors in 2012

Corner of Charlton and Mechanic Street
Aug 1955 and 2012

Menard Glass building (Corner of Mechanic and Charlton Street)
Aug 1955 and 2012

Sovereign Bank Building - 1930 and 2012

Globe Village (East Main to West St) - 1955 and 2012
New 23-Apr-12

Worcester Street across from Car Dealership - 1955 and 2012
New 23-Apr-12

A view of Whitford Building block - 1872 and 2012

View from CVS lot, formerly A&P in 1955 and 2011

New YMCA in 1972 and 2011

Litchfield Ave house in 1954, 2007 and 2010

The Barn on Glover St in 1962 and 2010

A look up Litchfield Ave in 1954 and 2010

A view of the Train Station in 1916 and 2010 

A Rare view across Main St to corner of Goddard St - 1961 and 2010 

Like Nu Cleaners Blg on Central St - 1966 and 2010

The Rez during the Summer - 1957 and 2010

"AO" Entrance on East Main St - 1900 and 2010

185 Main Street in 1890, 1940s and today

Corner of Main and Everett (Paige House)

39 Elm Street (Paige House/Medical Center) in 1916 and 2010

Looking down Main St- 1978 and 2010

Cohasse Country Club ~1920 and 2009

Wells Building on Main St - Includes 1987 photo of Lapierre Construction work

Main St Facelift / Demolition of building on Nov 16th and 17th, 2009

A look down Hamilton St from Main St - 1954 and 2009

Corner of South and Newell Ave - 1954 and 2009

The Whitford Bld corner view to Main St

The AO Clocktower & Park

Harrington Memorial Hospital Side view - 1973 and 2008

12 Crane St along the River in 2004 and 2008

The Southbridge Airport in 1954 and 2008

View of the Corner of Elm and Main to Edwards Bld

Vics Spa building in 1968 and today

A view of Lenti's in 1968 and the Bank Building today

A 1968 view of Vets Cab, Zotos Barber shop, etc and photos from 2003 and 2008

Hamilton St - "Louis's Dress shop", now Finally Lisa's

Memorial Hall building in 1968, 2008 and 2009 Rev 4-Jan-10

Goddard Street - Old McKinstry Oil Building

West Street School photos - 1954, 1960, 1986 and 2008

The Edwards Building front view - 1938, 1969 and 2008

The Columbian Building (Moved from Main to Chestnut St) - 1880s and 2008Rev 15-Jan-10

Main and Goddard St - 1938, 2006 and 2008

Main St. "Edwards Block" - 1880's? and 2008

Corner of Elm and Main ("Blanchard Block") - 1927 and 2008

Elm Street Market - 1968 and 2008

East Main Street View - ~1920 and 2008

14 South Street (now the Vienna)

Old "YMCA block" - Corner of Main and Elm -

Main Street looking S.E. toward Elm Street

Wells High/Jr High from Marcy Street

Main Street - North Side View "Masonic Bld Block"

Holy Trinity Church on Hamilton St.

Blanchard Building / Elm Street / Strand Plaza

Hotel Columbia

Central Mills Building (Corner of North and Central)

Southbridge Town Hall

FOE / Mill Street where Ames Dept Store began

Hyde Manufacturing (1968 and 2007)

Hamilton Street Buildings

"J.J.Delehanty" / Alden Building

"Whitford Block" at the corner of Main and Hamilton Streets

Big Bunny Market (1968 and 2007)

Universalist Church (368 Main St)

Harrington Hospital - 1954, 2000, 2006 and 2007

The Corners of Main and Elm - 1954 and 2006

Water Levels at the "AO Dam" after record rains of Oct 2005

WESO Headquarters (291 Main St) in 1950's and today

Corner of Main and Chestnut (near rotary)
Hurricane / Flood of 1938 and 2003

Corner of North and Mechanic Street (August 19, 1955 and Nov 2002)

Looking Up Main Street from Hamilton and Main

Standing by "Vets Cab Building - 1954 and 2001

Former Southbridge Police Station - 1997 Ken Maynard Photo

Dick Whitney and Mom (Jan) at the Southbridge Airport - 1954

The Flat Iron Building

Looking along Main Street

Knights Ford (Now site of Marcels Auto Body)

The News building and former home of Manning Leonard

Jacob Edwards Library (~1907 and Today)

The Rez - 1954, 1955  and Today

Wells and Notre Dame Church- 1955 and Today

Ammidown Building (New Home of Savers Bank)

Other Views of Main Street

Jan 2012 You Tube video link for "Then and Now"


Check out this 1962 Don Whitney Home Movie clip
showing a walk along Main to Central St.

Check out my Youtube Video home page

Dick Whitney You Tube Southbridge Links above include several SHS Football games,
town parades from the 1960s. Check it out!  

Looking down Central Street from Main Street Southbridge (1960's)
Ken Sylvestri emailed me the following: "Just a little note that there’s a ’62 Chevy Impala driving past Favreau’s."
My late 1950's time estimated was obviously incorrect.

Sitting at my desk in 1974 and 2006
(same astronomy photos on the wall!) in "AO Central Test Lab"

Entrance to Waites in  1968
- In the Maci Building

Skating at the Rez (1954) - Don Whitney photo

1938 -  Due to floods of 1938,  a 9’ dam was constructed at this site.  National Dam # MA02376;  State ID# 3-14-278-11

1942 – Town’s Swimming Pool Committee plans and purchases land to use as a Town Pool

 Sometime between 1942 and 1946 – Town Pool is open

1948/1949 – steps from bath house to water are constructed

 Early 1980’s =- Town pool closed due to low attendance and budget cuts.

 1988 – Cost Estimate prepared to make necessary repairs at Town pool if the Town were to reopen.

 1999 – Plans  developed to fill in pool and use area as a recreation/sports field

Maureen Ciesla
Chief of Engineering Services
Southbridge Department of Public Works
(Provided via Ken Ken Kalinowski  - June 22, 2010)

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