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Memories of Southbridge - Jeana M Silliman (Beaudry)

I was born in February 1965 and my parents, Eugene and Mary Beaudry
lived at 135 Worcester Street in Southbridge, right behind Keys
. I remember the Rosso's were our neighbors and Frank Rosso
owned a garage at the corner. Dave and Elyse Mercier were our
neighbors as well and Dave was in the Navy.

I used to skate at Carpenter's pond in the winter and take the
"secret" path to Henry Street Field in the summer where they would
have arts and crafts. The best hill we ever would sled down was at
Henry Street Field by the bathrooms.

I used to walk to Andy's Market for the best cold cut subs and then to

Pharaoh's Pizza for the best meatball grinders ever.

I used to swim at the State pool behind Menards glass every summer and

take the long walk to the "Rez" to hang out with some of my best
friends and swim there too.

Some of my best memories were spent on Main Street in Southbridge. I

loved Friendly's clam chowder and dunkin donuts.

Being so far away here in Wyoming, I carry all those wonderful

memories with me to this day and am eternally grateful to Dick for
putting them in a website so I can see them. At least the winters here
in Wyoming are just as cold as they were in Southbridge and sadly
sometimes colder.

Thank you,


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