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Jim Lacey - Civil Defense during WWII

During World War II, when Civil Defense was active in Southbridge, the Civilian Motor Corps played an active role in preparation for injuries resulting from enemy forces. The Corps consisted of volunteer men and women serving as first responders (as we would know them now). Women, especially those with station (beach) wagons were enlisted as drivers. Included in preparation activities were staged 'accidents' (including my sister Joan and I) who were disguised as 'victims' given first aid and transported to designated centers, notably Notre Dame Catholic church, for further help. 

During this period, my father Dr. James T. Lacey was head of Civil Defense in Southbridge. I recall meetings held in our dining room, with the windows covered to prevent light from being seen outside, at 313 South Street.

 You can view a video made from edited 8mm home movies, allowing for amateur photography, a sense of these activities can be gained. Here is the link - http://gallery.mac.com/jamartn#100339

 Jim Lacey

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