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Miscellaneous Recollections of Southbridge
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Check out my Southbridge 1960s movies/recollections YouTube Video

Southbridge New Zealand and Southbridge Mass - Dick Whitney

Where in the world did they bury the Southbridge 1966 Time Capsule? - Dick Whitney

Recalling the 1955 Flood and Ted Kosakowski's Spindle - Ann Kosakowski McNamee

My Bicycle by Don Croke

Dan Butlers recollections and amazing photos of the June 1, 2011 Tornado

SHS Hall of Fame ceremony Induction photos - Rich Dugas

Recalling the Tornado of June 1, 2011 in Southbridge - Honey Meyer

Growing up in Southbridge -  Jeana M Silliman (Beaudry)

My fondest memories are when I lived in Southbridge
Doreen Boulanger

How Peg and I settled on buying our home in Southbridge in 1980
Dick Whitney

A recollection of the Trinity Church steeple as viewed from West St
 (riding to Mrs. Mundells Kindergarten Class) 

A special tree in Ballard Court - Janet Bedard

World War II Civil Defense in Southbridge - Jim Lacey 

Selected SEN Stories written or trancribed by Dee L'Ecuyer

Lavoies Softball Team - Michael Utakis

A date with a dog biscuit - Peg Whitney

 Interview and hire at AO along with misc. Southbridge Recollections by Joyce Bouchard

Growing up on Maple Street in Southridge - Karen Arpin Karsinski

Southbridge Reminiscences...Ellen Zepp 

The Projects Chestnut Heights, a Neighborhood Gone Forever - David Stevens 

The Blizzard of 78 and the snow of 2011 - not sure which is worse! - Dick Whitney 

Southbridge was Horrible  - Stan Szydlik

Swimming at Ovides - Jim Lacey

Al Watson recalls his Ham Radio Days and watching the 1966 Parade

Erica Whitney and Debbie Sichols Dance Class

"I Planned that Well !" - Dr. Pioppis reaction to my words when Dick was born - Jan Whitney
New 07-Jan-11

Memories of Elm Street Market and the Blizzard of '78 by Paul Roy Jr.

Don Whitney recalls moving to Southbridge, working at AO buying a house, etc

Memories of growing up on Litchfield Ave - Dick Whitney

The Birth of Big Bunny Market – by Peter Palmerino 

JFK's Glasses with AO Executive lenses and the letter rec'd by AO on the Day of his Assasination!
Provided by Charles Walsh

Doreen Boulanger on the Woodstock Fair, Horseback riding in Southbridge 

I remember the 1960s… by Rich Dugas, SHS class of ‘66 

1924 Class photo of ecole Notre Dame 8th and comments by Rich Dugas 

Recalling Charlton Street School area adventures with Horseback riding - "Champ"

Photos of Langevin Jewelers in Southbridge - Submitted by Lorraine Langevin

Ron "Spider" Cronin fondly remembers growing up in Southbridge

Helen Digregrio recalls the Paige home and walk from Coombs St to Town Hall
Remembering Helen - July 12, 2011 ; she will be missed
Rev 23-Aug-11

Walking home from AO during the Blizzard of 78 - Mary Trifone

Oak Ridge Cemetary - Why is the entrance arch so narrow?

Ellen Zepp recalls meeting Jimmy Piersall at Big Bunny market

Rudi Digregorio's Christmas Displays have thrilled generations!

Helen  Holley 1949 letter (from OSV files) on the Town Seal and other recollections

Article on "The Great Reno" and his great escape jump of July 4, 1910

Recollection of WWII Southbridge Honor Roll veteran

Jason Park - First Minister of Elm St Church (Marriage certificates)

Harvey Wells, The Flood and the Southbridge Airport by James Keaney

WESO and Esther Costa

Recollections of the Flat, North St, the Flood, and More- Jim Tiberii
(Transcribed by Suzanne Tiberii)

1955 Flood Photos with identifying captions –David Stevens

BALLARD COURT Photos and recent group Reunion – BEDARD FAMILY

Roger Lavallee recalls -"French Canadian Directions to the Hospital"

Roger Lavallee recalls -"Cousin Emile Goes To Southbridge"

Recollections of JFK's visit to Southbridge, Seaver Rice, her Dad's Bradley Meat Co (12 Crane St),
and the '55 Flood!- Susan Taylor

Nancy Tremblay's Barn

Remembering the Blizzard of 1978 - 30 years later
Feb 5-8th, 1978

Inside stores in Southbridge ~ 1954  Photos only


Growing up in Southbridge -
Uncle Lenny Lemire, Eastford Road, a first kiss, and other recollections (both good and bad)

SEN Paper Route 20A -  Edward Brousseau

Art's Variety Celebrate's 50 years (SEN Article 20-Apr-07)

Where is Lippe's Corner ? -  Edward Brousseau

Mrs. Lombardi’s Meatballs -  Edward Brousseau

Notre Dame Church - the Building made of Tombstones

The Litchfield House - Jim Lacey

Carpenters Pond and other memories of the 1950's

YMCA Football Team tragedy of Thanksgiving 1894
Special thanks to Laura Pegler and Margaret Morrissey for providing this information

Reprint courtesy of the Southbridge Evening News

Al Thompkins on Florshiems, WESO and the Rockwell Paintings

Dee L'Ecuyer writes about Esther Thornburn

Images from the AO News of Southbridge in the 1950's - AO News

WESO headquarters in the late 1950s and in 2004

A Kids recollections of Xmas in Southbridge in the 1950's - Ellen Zepp

Celebrating the end of WWII - Jack Sheehan

Recalling Harvey Wells Electronics / Harvey - Whitney Friendship - Dick Whitney Rev 4-Dec-09

The Hippadrome Bowling Alley - The 'Hipp' by Al Labelle

Romance in Southbridge

Southbridge Brass Band

Don Whitney 1954 Photo of Cal Wilson at Floods on Hamilton Street

A Tribute to Jeff McKinstry
Sept 14, 1951- May 16,2001)
You will be missed!

Dr. Ling and my China Connection - Jan Whitney
(Rev 8/25/08 to include another Southbridge / China Connection)

WESO in the late 1950's  - Jan Whitney as the Storybook Lady

The Dennison District School - John Boniface

Ken Silvestri and his Grandfathers Death (Notre Dame), the Flood and more

Charles Ellis, M.D. Recalls the Strand Theatre

Ames Worsted - Dick Whitney and follow up response by Dick Bedard

Quaint Little Town - Susan McMaster Bosman

The Marcy St. School Eagle - Dick Whitney

Other Dick Whitney Recollections

Helen Harvey Proulx Recalls Southbridge and Harvey Wells
E-mail from her home in Ireland
Jim Foley recalls John Wells

Jan Whitney recalls Seaver Rice
1989 Article Reprinted with permission of The News

A rare view inside Woolworths in Southbridge - 1954
Jan, Dick and Sue Whitney

Summer ~ 1957 - (Don Whitney photo)
My sister Sue jumps into the water at the Rez during Red Cross swimming lessons

The Floods of Southbridge

Ames and the 1955 Flood - Bill Kroll

After the Flood - Don Croke recalls the Flood of 1955

Russell St. Laurent recalls the 1955 Flood on Mechanic St.

Brian Chipman recalls free ice cream & the wall of water in the 1955 Flood

Evelyn (Mrs. Albert) Petrelli Recalls the 1955 Flood

Mary Trifone Recalls the Flood of 1938 New

Cliff Harvey, Jr. recalls
the Harvey/Wells business and the 1955 Flood Destruction - Rev 5-Jun-08

More About the Floods

AO Recollections

1950's Don Whitney photo of Hamilton St. in Southbridge 

  Does anyone have recollections/photos of Duffy's Diner?

Duffy's Diner info (was located at corner of Main and Goddard (where Friendly's is now located)
Please email me at dickwhitney@charter.net

Remember when Billis's was like this?

The Thomas Variety Gang - Names in photo provided by George Vasil
Standing (L to R) - Richard Sullivan, George Vasil, Wilfred Lajennessr, Joseph Yanacci, Del ?, Robert Chrisman, Livio Testone, Louis Favre
Seated (L to R) - Richard McNamara, Steven Lariviere, Frank Digregorio and Arthur Duffy

This was Frank Digregorio's 80th Birthday Celebration at the old Marios

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1960's photo - Courtesy ofJoe Capillo collection

Remember this in neighboring Sturbridge?
Check it out and also
Check more of  Youtube Video entries

Mrs. Mundells Kindergarten class
Dec 1953 Don Whitney photo

1963 Hallloween parade photo by Don Whitney

Late 1950s postcard

Email me your recollections

The property I am interested in is 201 South St., Southbridge, MA.  Aucoin Ryan Realty moved into the property in August of this year and the agents of the office who work under Brenda Ryan, the office broker, thought it would be interesting if we could find a picture of the property  blow it up, frame it and present it as a gift to Brenda.  The house used to belong to the AO before the Larochelle's owned it.  If you could post on your web site that I am looking for a picture the way the property looked around the time it was built (1850 according to public record) I would really appreciate it.

Again, thank  you for your assistance.


Debbie Thomo

Cell: #774-200-8042


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