American Optical Images - "Then and Now"

AO Main Plant Entrance in 1907 and 2010 -
New 09-Nov-10

"AO" Entrance on East Main St - 1900 and 2010 

AO's Powerhouse in 1930s and 2009

AO's Glass plant roof - "the Claw" in the 1970s & 2010

AO's Brattleboro Vt Plant in 1954 and 2010

AO North St Gate During the Flood of 1955 and in 2002

Views of the AO Main Plant Parking lot / New Southbridge Hotel Entrance

John Young and the AO Main Plant  Museum Fireplace - 1999 and 2002

Across the "AO Pond" - 1954 and 2001

View of AO Lens Plant "2L" as it appeared in 1935 and 2000

Another View of AO Lens Plant - 1954 (Don Whitney Slide) and Dec 2000

Behind the AO Southbridge Main Plant (Oct 1926 and Feb 2000)

AO Southbridge Campus views as it appeared in Wellsworth Life (1925) and Feb 2000

AO Main Plant from across the River (1930 , Feb 2000 and Jan 2002)

The Marble Staircase / Fireplace in the Central Main Plant (1912 , 1999 and 2002 in the New Hotel)

The Tubes (AO Mail delivery system between buildings- 1912 and 2000)

Southbridge Then and Now


Dick Whitney

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