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Don at his "rig" in 1960

Download Worcester Telegram 1961 Article

May 1963 AO News

AO Article on Don Whitney and his Ham Radio hobby


Another 1960's photo - ~1962

1965 photo of Dad in his "Ham Shack". The map on the left shows where he had talked via ham radio.
In 2015 it is in my office at 12 Crane Street.

The cards on that same wall were sample "QSL cards" that are exchanged by hams after making contact.

1966 Photo

Dads card from 1956 (sent to me in May 2008 from recipeint) - Front above and back below


Another of Dad's QSL Cards

Dad (L) and Dick (R) in 1971 in his "Ham shack"

1974 view of his "ham shack"

1990 Article on local "Ham radio operators"

Oct 1957 Article

W1NEP and W3TG (Formerly W1JXQ)

Bob (W3TG) and Ann Haynes- during one of the many daily talks with Don (W1NEP) and Jan

    Family friend Bob Haynes and Ham Radio operator (W3TG) records what his log showed on
June 21st dates (Mom and Dad's Anniversary) on their 40th in 1987


    Special to the Whitney News (A&BP)  A study of log entries made by W3TG on
    or about Don and Jan Whitney’s wedding anniversaries, reveals some
    interesting facts.

    1957  Had QSO with Don and Jan and Lin and Betty on June 21.

    1958  June 21.  2 minute contact on 391.  We lived next door.

    1961  Don and I were trying out vertical 20 meter antennas, tied between the two
    houses with nylon cord.

    1963  We had moved to Maryland.  Don and I had our first CW sked on 40
    meters on the 17th.

    1964  June 21 was a Sunday.  Nice chat with Don and Jan from Frederick.

    1967  Had just moved to Jefferson Blvd. in Braddock Hts. and had contact with
    Don 6/28 using a length of wire in attic, 40 mtrs.

    1968  Big plans for Sue and Ronnie's wedding tomorrow.

    1969  Had a good QSO on 6/22 for almost an hour on 40 mtrs.

    1970  The 21st was a Sunday.  Talked with Don and Jan from Frederick.

    1971  Even though we were in Southbridge, we had a Sunday contact on 6/20
    with WINEP & WIDDO.

    1972  Had schedule on 6/18 and 6/25.

    1973  Had QSO on 6/17 and 6/24 from Maryland.

    1974  Had a 41 minute QSO from Maryland to wish Don and Jan Happy

    1977  June 19.  Don's 40 meter antenna had been down.  Just got it back up.

    1978  Jan had been in hospital with hip problem, and was talking via intercom
    with us.  By the 18th, she was getting around on a crutch.

    1979  Don was getting ready for trip to Europe, and Peg and Dick were heading
    for Las Vegas.

    1980  Don and Jan in Main.  Visited Fortunes Rocks and Old Orchard Beach.

    1981  Don and Jan were in London, where Don served on an International
    Optics Committee.

    1982  AO had just been sold to M & R.

    1983  AO Parade celebrating 150 years.  Whitney's replacing pipes in the

    1984  Don was rearranging photo albums after getting some new pictures from
    us.  Don & Jan had lunch at their favorite place at Eastford Mall.  In the evening,
    they watched Rico play softball.

    1985  Don had been to New York.  On the 22nd, Don cemented front walk, they
    had a picnic at the Westville Recreation Area, and went to Freeman's for
    pancake supper.

    1986  Don showed video pictures of Mother's Day program he'd taped at West
    St. School.  Don & Jan went to Amherst between the seventeenth and
    nineteenth.  Had a good time.  Mr. Pirrochio retiring as Principal of West St.
    School.  Dick & Peg had a garage sale on the 22nd.

    The log shows over thirty years of radio contacts, and thirty years or so of saying

    Happy Anniversary by ham radio.

This was Bob and Ann Hayneses recorded greetings for Mom and Dad's 50th in 1997:

Bob Haynes (W3TG), Don Whitney (W1NEP) and Bob Ruplainas (W1DDO) in 1982

Bobs 1968 QSL Card

Another close family friend who was a ham radio operator was Cliff Harvey - W1RF
This photo from in his basement ham radio "shack" on Fiske Hill in Sturbridge (late 1960's)

Family movie clip on youtube- last scene shows Cliff Harvey on Fiske Hill and at a "Ham Fest"

James Keaney Recalls Harvey Wells

Alvino Rey (Big Band/ King Family) Card


Another QSL Card from 1959

Don Whitney in his room that he grew up in at
47 Wyoming Road in Newtonville, prior to getting married in 1947

Misc Family photos Slideshow -
Tribute to Dad - 10 years since his death (July 9, 1998)
File 28mb pps file

A look at the Haynes and Whitney friendship via photos for over 60 years!!!

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